Thursday, January 8, 2009

We have been kicked out of Boot Camp.......

We didn't even last 2 days on this hard core boot camp foolishness!! Of course - it is my fault not theirs but..... here is what has happened -
I tried to get myself organzied (i do so love charts,graphs and all that foolishness but i never - ever follow them after I spend hours putting them together) by making new house rules, trying to make sure we stay on track with school, focusing on the character aspect of the boys behavior - in other words staying on top of the rules and discipline, and actually staying at home! Those were the biggest goals of this boot camp for me and the boys!
Monday we got off to a good start - school was long and painful becasue we have been off for so long but I am hoping it was for all of you too -it makes me feel better deep down inside to think that! We did chores which have also fallen to the wayside and mommy was somewhat on top of the boys behavior.
Tuesday - I ended up working all day long and didnt get home until they were all in bed so I had basically no contact with my children all day so whatever went wrong on Tuesday was not my fault!
Today - I didn't get up till almost 930 ( my husband is home on weds mornings and is a sweetheart to let me sleep in) becasue I was up so late last night due to not being able to sleep after working all day. The boys all climbed into our bed for about a half hour (aaahhhh!!!) and I decided to get up to take a shower. In the 15 minutes between the decision and the actual getting in the shower I put both Ben and Stephen to work reading to themselves and had already gotten the bright idea that we would go to the thrift stores to look for skis for the little boys before we went to the Children's Museum for a little bit in the afternoon! This is where I get into trouble all the time - this is how it always starts for me! I decided we would do the rest of school - bible and history and whatnot tonight since daddy works late anyways and we would head out after I got dressed and ready to go. I gave Ben and Stephen this great math game thing we have to practice their addition tables for a few minutes, got dressed and we were out the door until almost 445 tonight! Do you think we did school tonight - NO! We came home watched a movie, ate and went to bed!
We will try to stay on track tomorrow but I am up late again talking to you so that means I will put them infront of PBS to get a few more minutes of sleep in the am!!!

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  1. Our first day was like pulling teeth without the novacaine! It is HARD to be a homeschool mom and keep the children - no! not the children - MYSELF on task. There are Sooooo Many other things I'd rather be doing. For instance, I think of calling you to come over and play atleast 3 times a day (usually during school time in the morning. I think of sleeping in the afternoons - along with the onther 100 things to do!)
    Hang in there dear friend! Maybe you should plan just 1 hour of school a day (the hard stuff) and THEN go so your stuff... Just a thought.

    Please, lets visit soon!!