Thursday, April 29, 2010


Okay - it is done....the house is officially decluttered!! We got rid of 2 couches, 2 chairs, 4 bookshelves, 1 loft bed, 2 side tables, 2 desks, 1 buffet and that is just the BIG stuff! I am sitting back in shock looking at that list - how did I let that happen - okay, okay I know. it is my love of thrift stores and yard sales!
A friend was here today helping me pack up some stuff and she kept saying how big my house looked with all that stuff gone and my oldest keeps saying how clean it looks!! I guess I should really listen to what they are saying since I am LOVING how clean my house looks!!
This has been a very busy 2 weeks of cleaning out and I know I keep talking about it but maybe that is because God keeps talking to me about it and convicting me to NOT do this again!!
There are so many more important things to do with my time and I am so excited to have the space and the mindset to be able to do them!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yard Sales

I LOVE yard sales. I LOVE a good deal, a bargain and the search for a bargain but boy has that gotten me into trouble!
With the moving, comes the selling of our house(obviously) and with that comes the decluttering and cleaning of the house we have lived in for 5 years! I always thought I was good about decluttering and selling stuff every year at a yard sale. Until.....we decided to move and I was told we only get 1 truck and we will be moving ourselves! That put a whole different spin on the idea of decluttering and getting rid of the stuff that is not a necessity -aaarrrggghhh!!!
We had a yard sale this weekend - after I spent the past 2 weeks decluttering, shuffling things around and really taking stock of what we need and what we don't need but we have for some reason or another(couldn't possibly have anything to do with my addiction to thrift stores and yard sales)! We had a very good yard sale, got rid of alot of stuff and made some money but boy has God been working on me thru this process! I have been asking myself all day if having a 'good' yard sale is a good thing or a bad thing? Yes, it is a good thing to make money off of the stuff but why did we have that stuff to begin with?? Because of my sinful desires to get a good deal and letting my creativity control my actions! It has been so refreshing these past couple weeks to not have any desire to go into the thrift store or to be changing things up and creating more stuff to go on the walls or shelves or wherever I can put them! Don't get me wrong - I love being creative and I will never stop doing that stuff but I do need to learn to control it and not try to recreate everything I see that I like or try to redesign every piece of furniture that comes across my path! I have really enjoyed this whole cleaning out process and the simplifying of all that goes with it and I am really praying that God will help me to continue to feel this way and not let it take over our lives again!!
Here's to a successful yard sale!!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

We are Moving..... Texas!! While we were in Texas for vacation Dan had an interview with Target in the Frisco area for a possible transfer to that area. Well - it seems that God wants us in Texas - they have a position for my hubby in the area where all of our family is living!!! We are not sure exactly what store he will be in yet but we do know he will be in that general area and that is good enough for us! Dan has 3 sisters(and their families), his mom and dad, 2 aunts and 1 cousin and his family and they all live within 20 miles of each other. My sister and her family will be moving to that exact same area this summer also!! Once we found out my sister was moving to that area we immediately started praying about what God has for us here in Harrisonburg and if moving to Texas was something we should pursue or not. We felt he answered with a very sound 'yes' so we started the process of asking for a transfer and it just worked out that Dan was able to interview while we were there on vacation!!
God has definately been guiding this decision and has his hand all over this and we are believing and trusting in him completely(or trying to) to work out all the details to get us there! Selling our house is gonna be the biggie! We are believing in God that it will all work for the good!!
This is a very hard move to make! We have never lived near family and it has been good for us but also bad and sad for us as the kids are getting older. We have been blessed by so many families and people in so many different ways since we moved to the Valley that it has been like having family around us! Every step of the way, thru the good and the bad of our 5 years here in the valley, we have been surrounded with love and support and friends and we are truly going to miss the people that have had such a huge impact in our lives!! We have all grown tremendously, in our faith and our walk with God and our commitment to family, since we moved here that it is easy to look back and see why God brought us to this place when he did!!
It has been hard at times to not have the unconditional support of family that this is exciting for us to be able to move to a place that we will be surrounded by family members!! We are fully aware this can be stressful at times but it will be worth it for my boys to be able to play with any of their 12 cousins that will live within 30 miles of them - any time they want to!!!
We are sad, excited, hopeful and trusting that the things God has in store for us cannot be measured - good and bad!!
God is Good.....All the Time

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Shiloh cont...

I forgot to tell the end of the story with Shiloh.....we had to put her down. We took her with us to Texas in hopes that she would get better with the steroids but she didn't. She got worse and so we had to make a hard decision and it sucked!!
I don't think it really hit us till we got home. I keep looking for her and waiting for her to join us when we go outside and to sit with us on the couch every night. The boys have mentioned almost every day that they miss Shiloh and wish she was still here with us.
I didn't realize what a part of our lives she really was and I miss her - even though she is just a dog!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We drove 20 hours to visit our family in Texas over Spring Break. It was a VERY long drive but it was soooo worth it! All of my hubbies sisters and his parents live near Dallas and we hadn't seen the sisters for 3 years! There are also 2 cousins and their families and 2 aunts that live in the same area!! It is just a BIG group of nothing but family!!!

The grandarents have 14 Grandbabies - the oldest is almost 16 and the youngest is 6 months. They are quite the crew!!

My boys had the absolute best time hanging with all their cousins and just playing and playing and playing! It is such a blessing to us that they all get along and enjoy each other's company!
They have heard these names for so many years but they didn't remember all of the faces and who they really were - now they will!! Thomas was a baby when we were there last so he didn't know who any of them were. He was so excited to meet them all - it was cute!

Now we are home and the 2 weeks we took getting ready to go - I had to paint gifts for all of his sisters and buy new clothes for my big butt so I wasn't wearing paint stained clothes all week - are forgotten and life is back to normal!!

I made these for each of the sisters.....

I also got to paint while we were there - I had someone to paint for...Yeah!!!
This was a vinyl piece I bought to do something else and it didnt work so i made this and it is hangin in one of the sisters kitchen!

I had seen this saying that someone had painted on a canvas and loved it so I found some junk wood and used that to make one for each of his sisters! I think they turned out pretty ok! any chance to paint is just great with me!!!