Friday, October 30, 2009


I have a pretty amazing teenager!! He definately has his faults and issues and troubles but he is such a Joy!
This week has been busy for him! Monday night he was in a One Act Play competition between the 4 high schools in our area and Broadway came in 2nd Place - YEAH!!! Those kids worked their butts off and it was such a rewarding experience for them! Now they will go to a Regional competition - he is so excited!!!
Tonight was the All City-County Choir Performance of the same 4 local high schools and their choir's. Alex is in choir so we also attended that! It was incredible!
There is some serious talent in our high school kids and truly a pleasure to get to enjoy it!!!
I am the proud, bragging mom tonight - I hope that is okay!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

O' Christmas Tree

For some reason we have been having LOTS of discussions about christmas already and putting up the lights(the outside goes a little towards trailer park trash and WE LOVE IT)! Since we can't put up the lights outside - the boys asked if they could put up their tree today? They have a tree that goes in their room and they have their own decorations and they just love we put it up! It was so much fun!!
I just couldn't resist when Stephen said to me - "Mommy, I just love having the tree up and all the lights" I do too!!!