Friday, November 13, 2009


Look at those little cuties.....this is Stephen and Ben at Great Falls,VA. We used to live near the Falls and so we took the little boys one morning and went to see the Falls...Beautiful!
I got this picture out so I could frame it to put up on the wall - which I haven't done yet - and I just keep looking at it on the computer and marveling at my cute little boys and how much they have grown!! I really do miss those little boys!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

we took the boys to the pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin to carve and mommy got some fun gourds to decorate with!! I do love the wackiness of Gourds!

Mommy's Boys...what a crew!!!

Ben liked the little pumpkins

Thomas picked out some fun gourds for Mommy!

Stephen was soooo dissapointed when we told him he had to choose one or the other
Alex made quite the spectacle of himself riding down the hill over and over again in these tube things.....Stephen was happy to give his big brother a Push.....
You roll down this little hill and the hay bales are supposed to stop you. well - Alex went right over the top of the bales and then stopped - it was hysterical!!
Mommy even took a turn but we will not be sharing those pictures with all of you!!!
Alex had done these before a few years ago and was very excited to do them again!

The Corn Maze. The boys were so excited to go into the corn maze - until they got lost! They were in there for quite some time and I was getting a little bored waiting for them when they came busting out the side of the maze and onto the tractor path - clearly not the Exit of the maze!! Do you notice Alex pointing to his father and tattling on him???? He didn't waste any time telling that it was daddy who made them do it!!!
Carving our Pumpkins. Thomas would have nothing to do with touching the guts inside the pumpkin so Stephen did it for him!! I was surprised because Stephen has always been the one who didn't want to touch gross stuff!!!