Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Georgia or Bust.....

On Sunday night we changed our plans and headed south as fast as I could get the car loaded!! The younger boys and I had originally planned to leave this coming Friday but when I saw another snow storm headed in our direction - WE LEFT!
When we left our house at 7a.m. Monday it was 5 below Zero! When we arrived at my sister's it was 55 degrees! Today - it looks like we have brought the cold weather with us because it is now very cold here and windy!!! AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!
At least we are cooped up in a different house with our cousins - that is much more fun than being cooped up at home with our mom!!!
Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

More Snow Pics

Thankfully, we only have 2 snow shovels and since all the boys came outside with us -I didn't have to shovel anything!! So - I took a bunch of pictures of what the snow looks like now that it has been snowing for 2 days straight!

Thanks to the snow plow we have quite a fun mountain in the front yard!

Take your eyes off the cutie pie smiling at you long enough to notice the HUGE accumulation of snow on top of the picnic table....

Shiloh LOVES the snow! She was almost completely covered and had to jump to get thru it!

The tree branches have so much snow on them they are hanging way low!
The snow reaches the bottom of the swings!


I am so tired of all this snow! It has been snowing for almost 2 full days now and we are officially 'Snowed In' this go round of storms!
Lasy night Stephen and Alex were outside for a little bit and shoveled the driveway, had a small snowball fight and made a couple of snow angels!

The street had just been plowed so the 2 of them laid down and made snow angels!

There is nowhere else they can make snow angels because the snow is so stinkin deep!

This what we woke up to - after it snowed all day Friday and all night!

It sure does look pretty!
After lunch Stephen went out again - can you believe how deep the snow is.......

This is what it looks like out the back door onto the deck! We cleared off the deck before this storm started so this is all from the new storm this weekend!!

Danny and I are headed out to shovel the driveway again - I think he has done it at least 4 times today!! He still is hoping we will make it out of here for church tomorrow! And he will have to go back to work tomorrow! They actually closed Target today so Danny got a snow day today - that was a nice suprise!!!
My hubby just told me that it is supposed to storm again on Tuesday - I am leaving with the boys and going to FL till May!!!