Monday, August 30, 2010

pictures from Texas...finally

this is my new best friend.....the yellow garden spider
there were quite a few of these on the outside of the house(until i powerwashed them off) and still are a few on the garage! they are totally harmless but they are BIG and just creepy! We are waiting to see the babies come out of this sack - homeschool science!!

Our plans changed last minute when we got here and we are renting a house 1 mile down the road from Dan's parents house! The boys are loving that! We are about 20-30 minutes from all the other family - Dan's 3 sisters and my sister!

We got here at the hottest time of the year and had a very long run of over 100degree days - it was gross and hot and yucky! We ended up being inside all the time!
The boys have had so much fun playing with all of their cousins - it has been so neat to watch!! We miss VA so much but it has been a true joy to see the boys surrounded by so much family and just loving it!!

the pictures of the house and yard are totally out of place but I just don't have time to switch them around for you...sorry! it was get them up this way or not at all!!

the main living room looking from the kitchen towards the front of the house

my favorite thing in this gross is this???????

the living room from a sideways view

what you see when you open the front door

the rest of what you see when you open the front door

the front of the house with the garage

the house...ain't she cute???

the back of the house from outin the field a little bit....lovin the porch!

the boys hunting for grasshoppers(TONS of them all over the yard) for their trip to the below

the yard to the right of the driveway(from the house)

the pond at sunset...beautiful!!!
the boys collect grasshoppers and go throw them into the pond to these crazy fish that eat them up so fast you never see the for the boys!! we have grasshoppers by the thousands in our yard!

boys headed out to the pond. the little barn is cute - hoping to get some cows....
this is the yard to the left of the driveway

the upstairs room - the tv is one area and the school table and books are towards the left on that wall and under the window. small but it works!

the downstairs room before we put furniture in it - lovin the big tree in the living room!!
We miss VA soooo much!! But we are confident this is where we are supposed to be right now so we are pressing on and getting acquainted with Texas!! It is hard but it took us awhile to buidl the relationships we had in VA so we have faith that God will build relationships here too!!

Friday, August 27, 2010


is our new family member! We got her free off of craigs list about 2 weeks ago! She is probably the craziest thing we did in adding to the stress of moving but she is worth it!!

she catches and eats the grasshoppers

she sleeps alot!

isn't she cute????