Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We drove 20 hours to visit our family in Texas over Spring Break. It was a VERY long drive but it was soooo worth it! All of my hubbies sisters and his parents live near Dallas and we hadn't seen the sisters for 3 years! There are also 2 cousins and their families and 2 aunts that live in the same area!! It is just a BIG group of nothing but family!!!

The grandarents have 14 Grandbabies - the oldest is almost 16 and the youngest is 6 months. They are quite the crew!!

My boys had the absolute best time hanging with all their cousins and just playing and playing and playing! It is such a blessing to us that they all get along and enjoy each other's company!
They have heard these names for so many years but they didn't remember all of the faces and who they really were - now they will!! Thomas was a baby when we were there last so he didn't know who any of them were. He was so excited to meet them all - it was cute!

Now we are home and the 2 weeks we took getting ready to go - I had to paint gifts for all of his sisters and buy new clothes for my big butt so I wasn't wearing paint stained clothes all week - are forgotten and life is back to normal!!

I made these for each of the sisters.....

I also got to paint while we were there - I had someone to paint for...Yeah!!!
This was a vinyl piece I bought to do something else and it didnt work so i made this and it is hangin in one of the sisters kitchen!

I had seen this saying that someone had painted on a canvas and loved it so I found some junk wood and used that to make one for each of his sisters! I think they turned out pretty ok! any chance to paint is just great with me!!!


  1. Hi Julie..found you through Blossom's blog. :) I really love these signs, and how blessed you are to be able to make your own. They're beautiful and your sisters must have been so happy to get them. I have signs everywhere in our home.....but it would be so much nicer if some were made with my own hands.

  2. How much for one of the "family" signs? I think I want one like that that says "First Things First." Think you would have time to make me one??