Sunday, January 11, 2009

Getting lost in Blog World....

is one of my favorite things to do! I have gotten on so many times to post some of these crazy thoughts that are just circling in my head and I get lost in all the blogs I am following that have posted - especially the crafty ones! I have found so many projects I want to try that I may have to send my kids back to school so I can play - just kidding!!! I will tell you that come Christmas next year every single person that I have ever come in contact with will be getting a gift if I actually play around with all these ideas that are consuming my thoughts!!!

For those of you that live near me you need to head over to my place of employment - family christian store - and check out some of the clearance stuff that I have been putting out!! If you like clearance stuff, that is! It is just a bunch of random items so I can't be specific about aht exactly is on clearance but the prices are out of this world! Almost everything is 75% off and some of the things are 90% off (but marked 75%)!! I did hit the jackpot - as can you - on frames. They are little frames(perfect for frig frames and ornaments) about 2x2 and 2x3 and they are only .50 cents! I have filled an entire box with the ones I want and there are still a ton left over!!! This is the clearance junkie in me coming out - I can't wait to get to work tomorrow to finish opening the boxes and see what else there is on clearance! It is like christmas but you have to pay for it!!!

Another random thought - I love our church! We just recently(this summer) made a decision to leave the church we had been attending since we moved here. It was a hard decision becasue we love the people we met, the teaching and the fellowship at the old church butw e really were feeling a spiritul pull to explore other options. The new church is one we have visited many times over the years we have been here but we had never felt the pull to leave the old church until recently and when we did the new church was the first place we went and we never visited another one! I am amazed at the growth in myself, my husband and the kids since we have been there. I have missed a few weeks - not in a row - but we did miss 2 in a row and boy did I feel the difference in our house. Is it possible that church can have that affect on our lives - yes! yes! yes! The people have been so accepting,open,loving,caring and generous with us and the preaching is beyond amazing! It is even more incredible to see the fruit of the preaching lived out in the lives of the congregation!

I am supposed to be going to bed earlier so that I am a better mommy,wife and person to be around - Good Night!!!

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  1. So glad to see you every week (well, almost every week!). :)