Friday, January 16, 2009

Picture Update....

I have been getting caught up on rearranging things and reorganizing my project room as well as working and homeschooling so I have done a lot more reading of blogs than posting this week!! I do so enjoy to read other peoples blogs but I do get caught up in it! I love knowing that I am not alone in my craziness!!!
I love this time of year because I get to revamp everything and reorganize! I love putting away the christmas decorations so I can reorganize them - OCD!!! My hubby is off this weekend and so am I so I am going to enlist his help for some furniture rearranging and whatnot - especially in my bedroom so we can paint next weekend!! I am so excited to have a bedroom that will look somewhat like a bedroom instead of a catch all for everything that doesnt have a place!

I made this for my sister while she was here. She is going to put it in her bedroom! i think i will definately have to make one for myself once my room redo is all done!

this is the tail end of the rainbow the boys saw the other day - they got so excited to see a rainbow! it was a full rainbow out the back door - beautiful and bright! i love the reminder that rainbows bring of Gods promises and that he will fulfill those promises! such a neat reminder of the truly amazing in the middle of a dreary, rainy day!

So - heres the story.......i bought this gingerbread house on 90% clearance at Target - i think I paid .99 for the thing - for Next Year. It has been sitting in the kitchen waiting to go in a box under the house and the boys started pestering me to make it - so I caved(as usual)! I got home late from work and they had seemed to forget about making it until it was almost time for bed and so I figured we had 30 minutes to kill - why not? I helped them get started with the frame of the house and the icing was time for the season premiere of 24!! I took off up the stairs and left the boys to finish on their own - HA!HA! After they were in bed and 24 was over - 2 hours later - this is what I came downstairs to!! I just started laughing!! I am still not sure if it fell or if the boys just said to heck with it - all we really wanted was to eat the candy so lets just eat the candy! On a side note - I LOVE the TV show 24!!! Not at all appropriate for the little ones but I do enjoy it and so does Alex!

Stephen took this lovely picture of his mother - ain't she something??? I do feel sorry for my husband becasue truly I do look like this more than I look the way I do when I go to work! I was getting stuff together for the yard sale at alex's school and headed out to load the van in my pj's, my big fuzzy snow boots and my favorite hat! I spent the majority of the day in this get-up!!

Did I tell you about the proudest moment of our christmas break?? alex killed a squirrel with his brand new BB Gun. He skinned it, cleaned it, cooked it and ate it! I was mortified and it was very hard for me to be proud but I tried!! He was so excited and proud of himself! Ben thought it was awesome and couldnt wait to try it when alex cooked it - no I didn't try any. I just couldnt do it! I know - Horrible mother!

I wanted to show you some pics from alex's 2 basketball games this week but I realized they are still on the camera and I want to go to bed so I will save those for later! They one 1 and lost 1!


  1. He ATE it? Did you even try a bite? Did he like it?

  2. LOL...Corbin did that with a rabbit last fall. yuck. I too was trying to be proud. :)

  3. Forgot to say that I love the little "kiss me" sign. Very creative, you are!

  4. For real? That's you looking bad? Oh Julie, the way I look on a normal day will NEVER, EVER make it on my blog.


    and FYI, when I saw your "bad" picture, all I could think of was "cool pic. weird hat, but she looks good." ;)