Monday, January 26, 2009

loving a good deal...

i was in dollar tree today and found these really super cute and super adorable bible figurines. my friend had mentioned the nativity at christmas from tales of glory and i looked at it at the store but never bought it and then it was gone so i was thrilled to see these little play things of david,goliath,noah,moses,mary and jesus at the dollar tree!! they are also by this company called tales of glory. i highly recommend running to your local dollar tree to see if they have them!

i am consumed by painting ideas and projects and it is keeping me awake!!! i havent had this desire so strong in awhile - not since i started homeschooling - and it is seriously keeping me awake and waking me up at night! all these ideas i have come across since blogging have gotten my creative whatnot flowing and i am having a love/hate relationship with it all!!! I do so love to paint and be creative but i do have so much trouble stopping once i start! my hubby is off for 3 straight days and of course i am working but i am also plotting in my head all the painting/projects I can get done and new things I can try my hand at!!!!
I did this for a friend last year.

maybe this is why i shouldnt paint when the kids are awake??? he talked to me the entire time and i mean the entire time i was painting...about 2 hours

we got a lizard today! Fabulous!! can you hear the sarcasm??? this lovely new pet has already cost double the amount the boys thought it was going to cost and now I am all stressed out that the thing is not warm enough because our bulb in the lamp that we can get over his cage is only 20W not 50 or 75W!!!! this will be remedied tomorrow but until then i keep checking him - stupid - I know!!

we are so praying for snow tomorrow! the boys got all hyped up when they saw snow today for all of about 20 minutes and it didnt stick and they were so deflated!
please notice the LACK of snow on the ground last week when it did snow but also notice that it didnt stop my children from sledding! when they went out it was snowing good but it stopped and this is what we were left with! they had a blast!!
notice shiloh in the background.....she loved the snow! alex would throw snowballs at her, she would chase them and eat them and come running back for more!

for Thomas it is all about eating the snow. he ate snow the whole way down every time he sled!

then.....we went to our friends house who had a frozen pond in their backyard - that was so much more fun!! mommy was a little scraed of all the cracking and popping noises the ice kept making but nobody went in so all was well!
stephen actually tried ice skating but quickly went back to boots!

to me this looked like it was the most fun! can you see their faces????

and away they do Boy stuff........way too cute!

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  1. Okay...I'm finally getting time to sit down. and so I'm perusing your blog.


    You have some mad artistic abilities. Seriously. Wow.

    Come to my house and just breathe. I think you'll inspire me just having you near.