Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Horton hears a Who....

we bought this game yesterday at Target (clearance of course - $5) and it is so stinkin fun! you hide 6 clovers around the room and if you land on a clover on your turn you have 1 minute to find it - everyone hides them together so you all know where they are. first you must put on the Horton mask which has a long nose with velcro attached to the end to pick up the clover with! the hat hurts us big folk becasue it is ridiculously hard plastic but it is so much fun! definately for the younger crowd but fun torture for the older kids since the younger ones always have to play their games!!!
SNOW DAY.........

yes - this is how Alex broke his collar bone the First time but he claims it is different because he was standing up when that happened!!!

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  1. I bought the game on clearance too - I need to pull it out!!