Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Break is OVER.....

and it ended with a Bang! Today was a great day for us - we are borrowing an idea from another blog I have checked out - Our Peculiar Life and we are doing some serious get back to the basics around here for the next week! She calls it Boot Camp! This as much - if not more - for Mommy as it is for the boys but we have all been getting away with too much foolishness since mommy went back to work and it just has to stop! It is so hard to be consistent but I am committed to working it out and if that means we spend a lot of time at home then that is what we will do to get ourselves straightened out! I have to admit we do leave the house a lot for stupid things - just to get out since it is winter - which in turn ends up in spending money we don't have and it all just ends in a tailspin of ugliness but I am committed to keeping my behind at home and finding more things to do around here to occupy our time! Now - this may mean I start moving furniture around again and possibly even paint a wall or two again but so be it!

Last night my husband said to me - maybe we don't even need TV(meaning cable). I am dancing a Jig right now for all of you that can't see me!!! The Lord has slowly been working on us in regards to our tv watching and we are finally on the same page - I have been way ahead of my hubby for awhile now - and I am sooo excited!!! I can't wait to get rid of it! I have become convicted that TV is rotten and there is no need for it in our house. If we only have movies and what we choose available to the boys then they won't watch the crap they have been watching! I could go on and on but I won't - I just wanted to share my Joy in this new development around here!!!

Alex and Danny are behind me playing Wii golf and they have been having the best time! Of course - they have been at it for over 2 hours and that part of it makes me crazy but what great bonding time for the two of them! Here is the downside - Alex just showed danny how to play golf with just your wrist so the two of them aren't even getting up to play they are just sitting there......what is that??? Didnt we get the Wii becasue it is supposed to make them more active when they play video games ( not really but I am sure that I heard that somewhere)! We are sooooo getting the outdoor challenge for Ben for his birthday - I can't wait to go log rolling!!!

We were talking about getting a laptop tonight and we started joking about eating spaghetti for a couple months so we could save for a laptop and now Alex won't stop talking about it!!! He is all excited about us getting a laptop because he wants to put this computer in his room - no internet of course! I am going to start researching what we should get because we don't want to spend too much but we don't want to have to replace it in a year either! Any suggestions from any of you???

I am working all day tomorrow after hitting Target first thing for the 90% off christmas stuff!!!and some groceries!


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  2. Call me sometime. Crops are FREE this year, so grab Cheryl, carpool on over! Hugs!