Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I have been doing nonstop laundry - thanks to winter and all the layers we must wear!
I have dried a gazillion gloves,hats,and coats to go back outside in the cold,wet snow!
My skin is about to fall off from me itching it all the time and the spots I can't reach..aaarrrggghh!!!
It takes at least - at LEAST - 15 minutes to get 1 child ready to go outside! Times that by 3!!
For them to be outside for all of 10 minutes and come back in becasue it is cold - no duh it is cold!
FREEZING cold Toilet Seats because the heat is turned down so low!!!
Flu,runny nose,coughing,sore throat,fever and Lysol!
I have absolutely,positively no Love for cold weather! I would much rather be in flip flops and tshirts ALL the time!!
Every year I forget - just for a brief moment - what it is like come january and we still have 2 more months of being inside to go!!! I just want to be outside and play - in my flip flops and tshirt!
Calgon - Take Me Away!!!!!


  1. Thanks for the reminder to get off my patootie and do some much needed laundry. :o)

    Hope your winter goes by much faster!


  2. hahaha. I hear ya on the laundry! rgh! I don't mind winter so much and I love when it snows, but my hub on the other hand would prefer to live in warm climates year round.;P

    Not much longer now...only 7 or 8 weeks! :)

  3. Oh wow, I can't even imagine. Here in Tennessee January-March are our coldest. And with this extreme cold weather invading us, we're in the same boat. We've had to turn down the heat because we can't afford our power bills which were doubled the past two months. Horrible!

    Hope ya get a little warm sunshine in there soon!