Sunday, August 2, 2009

we are home...again

We are home to stay this time!! no more vacations - although they were all really fun and well worth it - we are glad to be home! We went camping this past week and can I just mention it RAINED the WHOLE week!!!! It was yucky, wet, more wet, smelly but the kids had a lot of fun! They played in the rain with their cousins, they cooked smores when it cleared for a little bit, they swam in the lake and jumped off the high dive for hours in the rain, they played in the rain some more, we took a hike or two during brief respits from the rain and we had FUN! But - we are glad to be home - even the boys are glad to be sleeping in their own beds!!

I told a small fib - it didn't rain for about 1 1/2 of the days we were there!

I am having trouble loading pics so maybe later I will be able to put some up!!!

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  1. Welcome home....we are a camping family. I love to get away from everything and enjoy the peace and quiet of camping.

    Look forward to seeing the pictures...