Sunday, August 30, 2009

Healthy Eating

About 6 months ago I started making our own bread and it has been a good change for us. That is about as far as I got in the healthy eating dept until recently. The other day i found myself listening to Sue Becker of the Bread Beckers on one of the MP3's from convention. I was mesmerized and God just struck something in my head and heart and said listen up because this needs to happen in your house! We do love our cereal, popcorn, chips and all sorts of frozen goodies like chicken nuggets and pizza rolls but hubby and I have gotten sick of the way we eat and so we knew it was time for a change!
The 2 things that really struck me were 1) shop for REAL FOOD. do not shop the inside aisles of the grocery store - only shop the outside perimeter and only buy real food. I didn't understand at first but I just so happen to go to the grocery store a day or so later and was floored by the reality of what she was saying! It will mean I will have to actually cook and make food for my family instead of opening a bag or dumping it onto a pizza pan but i feel like God is behind me on this and will keep me fed with ideas thru the internet and friends!
2) grind our own wheat. this will be a little harder since I don't have a wheat grinder and I sure don't have $300 plus to drop on one! But I do have a dear friend who has one and is willing to grind it for me! I was totally convinced just listening to Sue Becker talk about what they do to the wheat to make it have a shelf life of undetermined time. I have been blessed since we decided to make this change by realizing half my friends eat this way and are so willing to share recipes, hints and tips and even help me get started(I really have NO desire to cook - I would much rather be painting). Any recipes or tips YOU want to share I will be so blessed to have!!!
Those are the 2 things we are gonna slowly strat to change around here!

I will be more than happy to make you a copy of her talks and send them to you if you want to listen to what she has to say!

Once I started researching recipes and figuring out other things to eat for breakfast and lunch I started thinking about my son's acne and if this change of eating might be helpful to him. I found nothingt hat said 'these foods cause acne' but i found multiple articles that had found correlations between caffeine - soda & chocolate, dairy products and all the preservatives put into food and acne! Are you suprised? I was - just a little bit - but the more I learn about what things are being put into my food the less and less I am suprised by what a change in diet can do for us!!

My hubby, Alex and Ben are okay with the idea of change but we haven't had the full effect of it all yet - there is still cereal in the pantry and chips so as soon as those are gone it could get UGLY around here! Stephen and Thomas are my picky eaters and when I say picky I mean they will go hungry rather than try something(which is almost everything i put in front of them). Stephen actually GAGGED when I made him try a bite of a wheat pancake I made with our fresh flour!! I have always given them the option to have a bowl of cereal if they didn't like what we were having for dinner but we are going COLD TURKEY on the cereal and they will have to take a NO THANK YOU bite before they can turn it down and refuse to eat! I am sure we will still have some frozen items for lunch now and again - I love pizza rolls and tater tots as much as they do!!

God give me strength to make these changes and stick to them for our family and the benefits we can receive by eating the way you intended us to eat!

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  1. Good GIRL! Sue Becker offers her intro talk on a CD free at all conventions, and it may be on their website for download! If you want, I have her video set as well. About Stephen and Thomas, you might appreciate Dianne Craft's workshops from convention, she offers some ideas as to why and what to do. So proud of you!!!