Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yard Sales and In-Laws

I spent the week getting ready for a yard sale at my house this weekend. I LOVE yard sales! I love going to them - I love having them and I love getting rid of stuff! We have bought very few pricey things - most everything we own has come from thrift stores and yard sales so it is easy to get rid of stuff every year because there is not alot of emotional attachment! But now that the boys are getting older we are putting more thought into what we buy them so there is less and less need to get rid of stuff!!
Ben had a blast selling lemonade for 25 cents a cup! He was very patient and sat there all morning waving and saying hello to folks and asking them if they wanted to buy lemonade! He made $12!!
I would sooo buy lemonade from him if he smiled at me like that!!!
My In-Laws will be arriving Monday or Tuesday and I am a total stress case! They are never here long but when they are it is very stressful. I have been cleaning like it was 'spring' and i still have a LONG way to go!!! I love them dearly and they are awesome, God-lovin' folks but they are just different than I am and my mother in law does not hesitate(at all) to tell me how she is feeling, what I am doing wrong and how ugly the color on my walls is! It is very hard to prepare myself mentally for the put downs..aaarrggghhhh!! The biggest problem is that they are the most wonderful people EVER and it is so hard to remember that sometimes!!! God has truly blessed our family with them but sometimes it is just HARD!!!
on a side note.....I found an old Dave Matthews cd when cleaning and I am just chillin' listening to it right now - I love the instruments he uses in his music!!!

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  1. GOOD FOR You!!!!!! I've thought about so much of this for for.e.vah but haven't gone to great measures to reallly change things for my girls (and us). One day...One day soon.

    Like after I'm not pregnant anymore and have braincells left to spare. T minus 3.5 months. but who's counting? ;)