Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I love to paint and be creative and use bright colors!! I started painting about 5 years ago - from the encouragement of a friend whose art I kept buying - and I haven't stopped since!!
Frig Frames are my absolute favorite thing to paint and to gift!! I can be as colorful and fun as I want because most people aren't worried about a frig magnet clashing with their decor!!I love to have my frig full of them!

I love to mix old and new with the use of color and patterns. I love to look at something at a yard sale or in the thrift store and think how I can make it my own!

For years I have also wanted to figure out a way to make some extra $$ from my art - we always need extra $$$!! I tried a website but right as I got it set up we decided to homeschool and there was no way i could do both at that time! I tried some craft shows around here but I don't think my style was quite country enough!! So - I gave up and just have painted to give as gifts and to decorate my house with the random person buying stuff from me here and there.

Well - a friend encouraged me to try again at a local coffee shop - so I did. I met with the owner yesterday and she liked my stuff!! I am excited! I am going to start with a couple of small things that I have around the house and see how it goes!
Lazy Susan.....
and Frig Frames - of course!!!
We have 2 colleges near us so I am gonna try to do something with their school colors too!!
I am really excited and hopeful that maybe now is the right time to try to make something of my passion!!!


  1. I love how you love color!!! And I have a question for you...have you ever painted one of your rooms a teal/turquoise color? I'm getting ready to redo my formal dining room and am going for something that really *pops* yet that fits my house. And I'm trying to find someone who has personally experience with the paint color. ;) especially someone with an eye for creativity like you.

  2. What an exciting opportunity for you! I hope it goes really well. You definitely have the talent for it. :)