Friday, July 24, 2009


We are off to go camping with my sister's family and my parents for the whole week next week! We will not be so lucky as to be roughin' it in a tent for the whole week though - we will be in a cabin!!! With real beds - Praise the Lord!!! I love camping and I don't mind roughin' it but we have yet to find an air mattress that actually holds air and you don't sink into the floor in the middle of the night - which then means NO SLEEP!!!!! I am usually quite grumpy by the time we come home from just 2 nights camping I couldn't imagine sleeping in a tent ON THE FLOOR for 6 nights - YUK!!! Maybe a cot is in order for dear old mommy???
I am pretty sure we will be off the airwaves for a week so talk at you when we get back in a week!!!

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  1. Julie:

    I had to laugh thinking about the times we use to camp in a tent and the air matress would always be flat by the morning. LOL We LOVE to camp and have a travel trailer now....the only way to go! LOL

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