Saturday, July 18, 2009

Digital scrapbooking

I am hooked! Sometime last year I got a whole bunch of FREE digiscrap stuff off the internet and I couldn't wait to start scrapbooking digitally instead of the regular old way with lots of stuff strewn around. I finally got around to getting some pages done while we were in Canada and all I had to bring with me was the laptop!! It was fantastic - every night I could scrap away and I didnt have any mess to clean up after I was done and every single piece of paper, mat, sticker or other embellishment that I put on the page was FREE!! I have gotten so much stuff free that I could seriously scrap for quite a few years this way without having to buy a thing - except the scrapbook itself and the pages to get printed!
Now - on the other side of it I have spent hours since we got home downloading NEW Freebies and Goodies so I can get completely caught up when we leave again and go camping next week! We will be in a cabin so I can bring the laptop for late night scrapping!!!! Fun, Fun, FUn!!!
I tried to upload some pages to show off but becuase htey are such big files they wouldn't load!!

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