Monday, July 20, 2009

I don't really have a story to share so I thought I would share our favorite places to go on vacation!

We have 2 favorite vacation spots.....

Canada - we stay at my in-laws 'cottage' at the Ukranian Bible Camp on Pigeon Lake near Peterborough. We spend our days at the lake playing in the sand, canoeing around the lake and just enjoying the peace and quiet of the woods. The boys also do alot of fishing and we eat alot of fish! We spend our evenings by the campfire,that is always going, and chatting with the in-laws and any other relatives that are there at the time. This year we had 4 wheelers that we got to ride all around the camp - that was way fun!!!
the Lake.........

the Cottage........

Outer Banks - my boys absolutely love the beach! This was the second year that we didn't get to go to OBX(finances and our vacations have to be to visit family since we have NO family near us)
and we are all very sad about this change in our vacation spot!! We always stayed in the same house that was about a block from the beach and on the other side of the beach road was the sound where the boys would spend hours crabbing and fishing! We really, really miss the beach!!
Vacation Dreams......
1. To get back to the beach every year!
2. Drive across the US in an RV! I want to see all there is to see - the Grand Canyon, Yosemite Park, that big forest in CA that I cannot recall the name of right now and all the other amazing places we have right here in our own country!!! I also want to stop at all the funny places along the way like - the biggest ball of string, etc.. It has to be in an RV though becuase if we tried it in our van we would most likely all go crazy!! Plus - the whole RV experience seems like it is a must and that it would be super fun!!!!
3. Swim with the Dolphins! This is my ultimate dream! I have always wanted to do this and I will someday!! I love Dolphins!
4. Alaska & Australia. They just both seem like must visits!!
5. Jungle Trek! I so would love to go on a Guided tour thru the Jungle/Rainforest. All the animals and mystery leave me breathless!!!!


  1. I want to see the Grand Canyon too! I think it would be breathtaking. You can totally swim with a dolphin. I did it last year in Panama City Beach Florida and it was great. It wasn't too expensive either. Good luck with that...I love dolphins too.

  2. Great list! The OBX was my "best vacation" too! Happy FMM!

  3. Traveling across the US is alot of fun and I would do it again but this time I would also like to have an RV. We did 2 weeks in a mini van with 3 kids and it wass stressful at times!

    Happy FMM!

  4. What a nice family you have. =)
    I would like to swim with the dolphins, seems really fun.

  5. Happy FMM!! I totally agree with you on Alaska and Australia.

  6. We just back from seeing the Redwoods, Yosemite and the Grand Canyon. We had a major road trip. You really need to see them. Happy Monday.

  7. I believe you are talking about the Sequoia Redwood Forest? That place is amazing, larger then life is not an exaggeration.

  8. Happy FMM! Wow! I didn't post 5 places I want to visit, but I could have written your list easily! We miss the beach too! I would love to do all you listed!!!!!

  9. I definitely want to drive across the US in a RV!! But I also want 3 months off from work to do it in too!!!! Oh, and an unlimited supply of money. Not asking for much here....


  10. Hi Julie!
    Happy FMM! Loved your list! I would love to go across the US in an RV too. It sounds so fun!


  11. You really need to do the boat tour next time you are up that way!! :)

  12. Hi Julie, just saw your message to Mike about coming to the Alpha course and clicked on the link to your blog - pretty cool! Looking forward to having you on the course. I had to comment on the RV trip.... I've been working on Tara (my wife) to get her to go on an RV trip and after many years she's finally admitted that it seems like it would be a lot of fun. My parents just bought a used RV last month.... I love it when a plan comes together!
    -T.J. Prieur