Thursday, July 9, 2009

Family Vacation.....Canada

We still have 5 more days of vacation but I wnated to show off some of the pics I have taken already! We are in Peterborough Canada - well actually we are in an ever smaller town but that is the closest town that is on the map! This is one of our absolute favorite places to come for vacation and we are having so much fun! We stay in the in-laws cabin that is on the property of the Ukranian Bible Camp Retreat Center. The lake is just a brief walk down the dirt road and we are surrounded by beautiful trees and quiet! Fishing, Playing at the Lake and the campfire in the backyard - that is always burning - are the highlights of our vacation! This year we have 4 wheelers to play on and they are so much fun - Mommy rides the big one more than the boys do! Stephen has mastered the little yellow one and zips all over on it with the biggest smile on his face but Ben and Thomas ride with mommy, daddy or Alex. Daddy and Stephen rowed the canoe ove rto the island that is across from us on the Lake and Alex goes over by himself! He wants to go exploring over there so hopefully it will stop RAINING long enough for him to be able to go! In between rain showers - which it has done every day since we got here - we have meanaged to get in some playtime!!! We also go to go strawberry picking with Uah - that was fun and dirty!!! Enjoy the pics........

Uah & Tat's backyard and house...beautiful!!!

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