Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Travels

We have got quite a busy summer!!!
I just came home from the Homeschool Convention(which you can read about on our homeschool blog) on Saturday night.
We will be heading down to Grandma's on Thursday to visit and go to the beach and to drop off Alex at SeaCadet Boot Camp!! He is so excited to go get yelled at and tortured military style for 2 weeks!!!
Stephen, Ben and Thomas will go to VBS next week when we get home from Grandma's and on July 3 we will head back down to Virginia Beach to see Alex graduate from Recruit Training! Then we will drive all the way to Canada to stay with my In-Laws for 2 1/2 weeks - until the 12th of July.
We come home for approx. 6 days and then leave again for a week of camping with my sister and my parents! Can you believe all that???
They will all be good trips but alot of driving and time spent in the car will surely make us all crazy! I am for sure that we will not be going anywhere in August!!!

How does our Summer get so full so fast??? We are just simple people who live a simple life and every summer it seems like we turn into world travelers!!! Having just one child who is in public school really limits our ability to travel at other times of the year - if we want him to go with us - and since none of our family live near us we spend our summers visiting them!!! We used to go to the Outer Banks but we have decided that it is more important to visit our family! We do miss the beach trip but it is worth it!!!

Here's to all Your Summer Travels - make them Fun!!!!

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