Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy 9th Anniversary

Today is our 9 year anniversary - well actually yesterday because (of course) it is after midnight when I started writing this!! I don't have any pics of us on our wedding day up around the house and it wasn't the digital age yet so I had to take pictures of the pictures in our wedding album I made!! They aren't very good pics - I just thought it would be fun to share!!

can you guess who this little guy is?? This is the boy we dropped off at Boot Camp three days ago!! Can you believe it?? Alex was Danny's Best Man - way too cute!!!

Me with my mom and dad

Danny & I with his parents

This picture has always been my favorite picture from the wedding and I think it has to do with the symbolism of family and parents giving away their kids!! I just love all of us together!

We had a very casual and small wedding at the clubhouse where my parents live. It had a big deck outside which is where the ceremony took place and the reception was inside. It was such a wonderful day full of laughter, smiles, JOY and love!! He is my man and I am lucky to have him as a husband and friend for the rest of my life!

One of my favorite things is when we go to bed together(which I really struggle with since I am the night owl) and are able to just talk. The kids are in bed, the house is quiet and we just hang out!

In 9 years we have had 3 boys plus a stepson, Danny got his Bachelor's Degree, moved twice, had 5 cars, 1 dog, 3 new couches, lots of laughter, some fighting, and an absolute faith in God and thankfulness for blessing us with our crazy life on that 24th day of June 2000.


  1. Happy anniversary!! :) Have a fun time celebrating!

  2. Congratulations! Nine years is great!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures; I love to see people's wedding photos. I especially appreciate the fact that you had a beautiful, modest dress...that's not very common, but it's a wonderful thing. Good for you! :)