Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Boys are HOME

Last Thursday I went to the Homeschool convention and since my hubby had to work the Boys(the little ones) went to stay at Grandma's house in Hampton. She met me halfway in Richmond and the boys happily trotted off to Grandma's. Their cousins were also at Grandma's so they were beside themselves with excitement to get out of my car and into hers and get going!!!
The plan was to trade back Saturday evening when convention was over! While talking to Gma on Sat we decided that maybe the boys would just stay with them since we were all driving down on thursday anyways....sounds great doesn't it????
I missed my boys!
I got home Sat night and hubby and I headed to church Sunday morning - by ourselves - weird!!! In front of us was one of the boys little friends and watching him just made me want my Boys home with me!!! I was excited to have some time to get some school planning done while they were gone but I was not prepared for the enormity of how much I missed them!!! We found out monday that Thomas had to go to the Dr. on Thursday since we will be gone for so long after that so we made plans to meet at 7 tonite to get the boys. I called my mom at lunchtime and asked if we could meet earlier - I wanted to love on my boys!!! It was so nice to hug them,kiss them and have them sitting all over me when we got home!! I truly hope that I remember how nice it is and will enjoy it longer and not fall back into complaining because they are always all over me!!!!

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