Monday, June 22, 2009

Boot Camp

We dropped off Alex at Boot Camp on Sunday afternoon! He is a part of a group called Sea Cadets which is a program for kids who are interested in the military. This particular program is thru the Navy and he is way more interested in the Marines but since they are part of the Navy and this is the only program available to him - this is what he will be a part of!!

He LOVES it!!! He was so excited to go to Boot Camp he couldn't sleep the night before we took him!! I am a little bit nervous about it all but I truly believe God provided this oppurtunity for Alex and that it will be good for him! I wonder if he will still LOVE it when he is done?

Grandma was the only one who could tie a square knot on his dress white uniform!

The HAIRCUT.......

We had been joking about him getting his haircut when he got there but I had no idea it would be this short!! I wonder what he thought when he looked in the mirror????
Not quite done......


Where did my son go? When did he grow up and become such a young man???
WOW! He looks all grown up!! Looking Good!
Off he goes......

We will pick him up in 2 weeks and get to watch him Graduate from Recruit Training!

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  1. WOW, Jules. OM!! OM!! He is so grown up! How did you look at him and not CRY??