Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I've Been Painting

I found these little wooden stand up plaques at the Dollar Tree! I bought a few and am thinking of making them as Christmas Presents - what do you think??? Would you want these as a gift?

I also found this one.....
They were all just plain old wood - which I can't stand - so I took my paintbrush to them!!!! I think they all turned out cute!!! Especially since each word only cost $1!!!

I found these little chicken cards at the Nursery and I just had to have them! I painted some frames I already had, glued them to scrapbook paper I already had and they will sit on

I got this idea from going here and from there I went here
I liked it so I went straight to Wordle and created some of my own! This is the only one I have finished and it is for my sister who I will see tomorrow - do you think she will like it????

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  1. I love the wooden letters from the Dollar store! Good job painting them- I like the bright colors.