Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Winter Jam Rocked......

the concert was sooooo much fun! we got to the scope at about noon and we were like 20 in line!!
my hubby has never waited in line for concert tickets in his life so he didnt understand why I wanted to get there so early - on a cold rainy day none the less!!! he was ever so thankful for my wise experience when we got such awesome seats!!!

hanging out for hours in line was fun but got oh so boring towards the end!! it was cold and drizzling and windy so we couldnt play cards or anything! alex joined a youth group playing games near us so he was entertained for awhile and dan and i chatted with the family in front of us!

we were like teenie boppers we were so excited to be in the front of the line!!

do you see those miserable faces??? about 90 minutes before the scope was to let us in people started getting feisty and pushy so we abandoned the chairs and stood to protect our spot in line.....then it started to rain! big drops of rain and wind - for the last hour we waited - it was crazy!!!

BUT OH SO WORTH IT!!!! do you see the stage behind us?? we were in the 6th row on the
floor - awesome!!!! i will never go to a concert and NOT sit on the floor again!!

the Line Up was........Stephanie Smith, Francesca (i cant remember her name but she was good),
Pure NRG,NewSong, Hawk Nelson, Brandon Heath and Toby Mac. It was $10 a ticket and an incredible show! There was a speaker named Tony Nolan - incredible youth speaker - who gave a little talk and a lot of prayer - AMAZING!!! Toby Mac was our favorite by far but we knew he would be before we went - he is a favorite around our house! You should have seen my hubby jumping around like a teenager - it was great!
we are sooo going next year! we are already praying for warmer weather and no rain!!!

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  1. stefanie says that she is sooo bummed....brandon heath was worse for her than toby