Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I was pestering a friend of mine to put together what she has been doing with her preschooler in a book and sell it to me and she in turn directed me to a site that was recently recomended to her So I checked it out. It looks so doable and I love that it is simple and Biblical - I am so gonna do this with Thomas starting next week! I figure he follows me around everywhere I go I may as well take advantage and teach him something while he's back there!!! I am still gonna head over to and check out what she did and I am also going to use this one which is awesome for the little ones!!! I am excited to do somehting special for Thomas - I am hoping it will get him into the swing of things a little better than I have done with the older 2 but I also think it will be fun to have some Thomas time!!

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