Tuesday, February 17, 2009

ants in our pants.....

we are all very excited around here and having trouble containing it - we get our new laptop tomorrow!!! Yahoo!! Yippee!! we cant wait to use a computer that doesnt take at least 5 minutes to open a page(and that is with dsl) and that doesnt slow down even further every time we put new pics or whatnot on it!! hopefully i will be blogging from my bed tomorrow night at this time!!!
I cant wait to play with my digital scrapping stuff! i have it all on the computer but it takes so long to load each element when I am working on a page that I havent been able to use it very much and I am so looking forward to creating some pages! I found a ton of free stuff online and it is all waiting to be used so I can make some pages, get them developed and see if I am even going to like the way digital looks in the scrapbook! I have seen it in other peoples albums and I am not in love with it but I want to see what it will look like for real and get used to the idea! I love that I can also make pictures to put in frames with fun embellishments and paper and stuff - that will be super cute!!! I am sure I will come up with a gazillion uses for the digital scrapping stuff!!
aaaaarrrggghhhh....that is me screaming becasue i just sat here for 5 minutes waiting fo rhte add image window to pop up and then becasue i double clicked on it in my impatience it didnt open at all so I GIVE UP!!! I wanted to add a nice photo for your viewing pleaure but no such luck......until of course we get the new laptop up and running!!!!
till then..........


  1. Goodluck with your new computer! Here's crossing my fingers that the ups man will be there bright and early!

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