Thursday, February 26, 2009


The boys and I have been reading a book that is about a little boy and his family and it revovlves around the ten plaques and the freeing of the Israelites. It is a very good book but it has brought to light some random thoughts.....
The people didn't like Moses! He was causing all these horrible things to happen - ultimately for the good but at the time it wasn't just hap[pening to Pharoh's people it was also happening to the Israelites - that would have sucked! I can only imagine the anger and fear these people were feeling because here comes this guy who was raised with Pharoh and he has been gone for all these years and he comes back and all these horrible things are happening to free the people but they are happening to them as well and it is making life worse for them than it was before! I am sure Pharoh was punishing the Israelites for what Moses was doing - making them work harder, punishing them more severly,etc.. - and yet these people were supposed to be on Moses' side and okay with what he was doing?? I dont know if I would have been on his side - even if I did have faith - that would be hard! I would be downright pissed at Moses and I sure wouldnt want to be glad about what he was doing. I wonder how hard it was for some to trust him and do what he said? I wonder how many lost their lives before they were able to leave because they didnt do what Moses said because of their anger or fear of all these crazy things happening around them??
I have always seen this story and heard it from such a positive angle - I mean what he did was incredible and the people did get their freedom and God is always right in what he does - but I never thought about the fact that everyone had to suffer throguh each of the plaques and Pharoh's anger to gain their freedom.
Crazy I tell you....God is so stinkin Good!! but not always fun in the way he gets us to the good!!!!

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