Saturday, February 7, 2009


is making it's way around our house and I am the last to catch it - of course! The boys have all had a cough,runny nose,sore throat,fever and my hubby was the biggest baby of them all with his sad eyes and runny nose - it was hard not to feel sorry for him!!! I am now having all the goodness of the sick plus this horrible headache that keeps coming back - I feel so sorry for people who suffer with migraines I dont know how they function! I had to go lay down today becasue my head hurt so bad!
Maybe it is because the Pickle People were here........
i handed the boys some glass chalk and this is what they did to my kitchen windows! They also did it to the patio doors but I forgot to take a picture of those! This was done to keep the Pickle People from seeing us.....NO idea who the Pickle People(prettyc ertain they are from a cartoon on pbs) are or why they would be watching us but the boys had fun and that is all that matters!!!!

I have been neglecting school,family house and all that stuff to paint these last couple of days and it has been fun! I do have to get back on track after I finish all the goodies for my sister but in the meantime I thought I would show off the signs I made for my sister - upon her request

I am also doing a couple of frames for her that I will be glad to show off when I finish those - in the next day or so!!

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