Tuesday, December 9, 2008

To Gift or not to Gift...

I just love to be crafty! I want to make things for everyone I know or for anyone I can think of that might need a handmade gift! I know - adding to my level of stress but it is just somehting I really enjoy doing! I had thought I would go dull this year and get some $5 items from my work but I found some blogs with some great ideas and I just couldn't bring myself to BUY a gift!! I can't wait to show you guys what I come up with but in the meantime - check out these blogs to see where i got my ideas!! we are That family I am all over the frame idea with a twist of my own - of course!!! I am very good at using others ideas and expanding on them but I am not good at coming up with my own ideas so I love these blog ladies who are crafty and love to share their ideas!!! This website is Fantastic - executive homemaker - i found some great fun ideas for gifts that are very inexpensive and easy and fun for the recipient - check it out!
i will share what i do when i finally have the time to sit down and do it! First I have to finish painting wine glasses for my sister, making nativity ornaments for the kids in the christmas play, making my christmas cards and then I want to start on the ideas I found tonight!!!! Amongst all that I have to Homeschool, go to work, clean the house(i cleaned our bathroom today and i think it had been at least a month - if not longer since the last time it was done - GROSS!) and hang out with my hubby and kiddos!! Itis a good thing I am a night owl or I would never get anything done!!! I do so love being crafty but boy is it time consuming!!!


  1. Your card is a finalist in the Tip Junkie Christmas Card contest. Be sure to blog about it and ask for people to vote for you. {{wink}}

    They can vote on the left side bar. Good Luck!