Saturday, December 27, 2008

It's Over...

Can you believe Christmas is already over? It went way too fast and there was just something not right about it for me this year. I love Christmas - it is my favorite time of the year but it didnt have the same feeling of warm and cozy this year as it has in the past and I really think it is because I was working in a retail store! I haven't worked in at least 6 years and I was and still am shocked at how rude,rushed and annoyed people are at christmas time! Being at home I haven't had to deal with the rush of people during this season and so it has been a much nicer time to spend with family and much more peaceful but working retail it is the busiest time of year and so we worked until 630 on christmas eve and were right back at work the day after christmas - what fun is that??? My husband works retail but we have gotten used to his schedule and we just work around him but I was thrown for a loop myself this year and didn't like it!I am looking forward to a full on christmas next year - with all the tacky lights I can get in the yard(i did miss doing that this year but the electricity bill didn't) and lots and lots of family time!!!

My mom got me a sewing machine and I am soooo excited to sew things!! I have never sewed before - well maybe in home ec in high school - and I decided i wanted to learn how so my mom jumped on board (she is a big sewer) and hooked me up! I have practiced a little and I already have grand ideas running through my head and can't wait to take a trip to JoAnn's - it is an hour away and the local wally world material section just isnt cutting it - so I have to move in slow motion with the whole sewing thing and it is killing me!!! I want to do projects - I do so love projects!!! I am pretty sure we will have all new curtains by february but i am stuck after that about what to sew - any ideas???? not clothes!!!

The boys got a Wii - finally!

even grandma had fun with the Wii - a little golf!!!

I am looking forward to the slowing down of things and being able to try to get back on track with school and schedules. It has gotten crazy around here and I need some order to be reestablished - of course it is my fault there is no order I do struggle with staying on a schedule and routine even though we desperately need it!! Maybe that should be my New Years Resolution????
This was the sunset Christmas Day - isn't God good!!


  1. Aren't you glad that you didn't get that one at KMart?? You are correct, curtains are much easier to do than sleeves! Also check out the fabric store in Dayton, you might like it better, although it is heavy into quilting stuff...there are other places to go if you are looking more for window dressings. I agree about the Christmas attitude thing, I worked in retail for TOO LONG! BUT I did notice when I was out on the 26th that is was the EMPLOYEES, rather than the customers, who seemed uptight and stressed. That surprised me!

  2. Yay, I am so glad christmas is over and done with for atleast another 365 days, lol!

    Looks like you guys had a blast on christmas morning.

  3. I love your new look! It's awesome. Teach me how???

    I'm glad it's over too. Soon I'll tear everything down, but I'm not ready yet. Maybe in another week...

    My hubby is returning gifts that don't work to Walmart. I'm glad it's him and not me. It's so frustrating when the kids want to play with their gifts and they don't work!!!!