Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I hate having to go to work....

I got teary eyed at least 4 times this morning before I left for work! You would think I would be thrilled to leave the house for a few hours and get away from all the chaos -but crazily enough I don't want to go!!! When I was leaving Ben gave me a BIG hug and wouldn't let go - I almost lost it! Then when I got home Thomas gave me a really HUGE hug and told me "Momma - I really like you". My heart broke again! Stephen was too busy playing video games both when I left and when I got home to notice but he does cling extra tight to mommy when I am home now!
It is so nice to feel loved..but I still miss them!
My hubby and I have really started to have some good conversations (he is not much of a talker and is quiet - unlike me) so this is a big thing for our relationship and now we never see each other because I am always at work!! I am only working 4 & 5 hour shifts but it feels like I am gone all day because it takes 20 minutes to get there and another 20 to get home!!
It is only for another couple months!! I think God is trying to waken me up to what I really have here at home and open my eyes to the task he has given me of being a mom, teacher, encourager, wife, lover, friend,etc..... to all the boys/man in this house!
Enough complaining - today was just a hard day for some reason and I needed to vent - thanks for listening!!!! Now - off to bed so I can get up early to take my oldest to school - make some posters for his school's float in the parade and then go to work myself.........It is a good thing that "His mercies are new every morning"

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  1. I know how hard it is to leave the kids. You look for your out and then when you get it, you sit all day wondering what they are doing and if they are being taken care of. And every time you hear a child say "mommy" you turn to look because you think it's yours.