Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ready for Christmas

Every year I say I am going to start on all these gifty things earlier and every year I DON"T!!! I have one last gift to make and it is so NOT what I want to do but I just can't bring myself to buy a gift when I make such nice ones and they seem to be appreciated by most! I have learned to not cry anymore when I see something I painted in the local thrift store!! So - here it is 12:37, I got home from work an hour ago and now I am off to work on gifts and the christmas cards I still haven't sent out yet!! Being crafty SUCKS right now!!!

After I check out the sale stuff at Ikea!!! I drove there the other day - about 2 hours - and found some stuff I really want for my bedroom! Which has gotten my brain going on how to redo my room! We have lived here almost 4 years and our room is still the horrible off white it was painted when we moved in and is a hodge podge of furniture and kid stuff! My mom and I are in the process of making a quilt for my bed - lots of reds,oranges and pinks - which is the starting point for everything. I love bright colors but I am learning to tone it down and use the bright colors in smaller areas so the rest of the room will be simpler but the quilt will be bright! I am sooo excited to have a cozy room for me and my hubby! The bed i found is black as well as a black dresser and a red bench with drawers for the foot of the bed! This will all happen slowly and will take awhile but I will be dreaming of its finish.......

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