Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tears of Joy...

I am sitting here with tears and boogers and I am so full of Joy!! I have been scouring through my fellow bloggers blogs for about 3 hours(yes it is now 1:15 am and I can't explain where the time went) and I have just been filled up with love,joy,encouragement,sadness,friendship and lots of laughter!! I think it is so awesome how we can all share our good and bad in such open and honest ways and how much this encourages each of us without even knowing any of you personally(well maybe I know 1 or 2 of you - I think it is actually 4 that I know)!! God is so good and I am praising him with all of my being right now!!!

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  1. U NO ME! I can give you links to other people you know, if you are looking for more time to spend!