Monday, November 10, 2008

Getting caught up.....

Now that I have gotten this blog thing figured out I am going to have to get caught up for the out of town family! Here goes.......
First and foremost are these excellent photos of the boys with their colored hair! Alex had wacky hair day at school and of course the little ones had to be a part of it - too cute!

Alex leaves way too early for Mommy to drag herself out of bed so I didn't get pics of his hair but the word is it was AWESOME!

To Georgia we went.......
Mommy and the boys drove to visit Aunt Robin and the boys a few weeks ago and we knew Grandma needed to see pics so here they are! We got to go to the Georgia Aquarium and Stone Mountain - it was so much fun!! I am not sure if the boys had more fun at those places or just playing with their cousins Evan and Cody! It was so fun to watch them all together. We have always lived too far away for them to play on a regular basis so it is nice to see how much fun they have together when we do get to see them!
The aquarium was our first stop.....

Aunt Robin was able to take the days off to join us but her boys had to go to school so we did the touristy things while they were at school!

The next day was the day to go to Stone Mountain but it was raining and gross out so we thought we would have to pass on it! Thomas was sooo excited to be able to ride a real train (that was all he talked about for the entire 8 hour car ride and the 2 days we had been at Aunt Robin's) so we had to rethink the rain issue and we decided we were just going to have to suffer through the rain for the train ride!! We all put on our rain gear and headed out! Now remember we were doing this for Thomas.....can you tell he was a little overwhelmed by the REAL train when we got to it?????
But....after the ride he was happy and mommy was so glad we suffered through the rain!

We had an awesome visit with our cousins! Grandma - this picture is for you! Don't worry you will get one!!


  1. So cool, I am from Georgia. Love Stone Mountain, never been to the aquarium though, we moved just before it was finished.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, blogging is very addictive, I warn you!

  2. Ok I think I have commented on almost all of them, so now I can stop! See, you have the excuse of out of town friends and family, I don't but I do think my mom subscribes anyway.
    love you more