Sunday, November 23, 2008

Everything.....and Advent

Remember about a week ago and I couldn't decide if I was gonna like working or not?? Not! I didn't have any time before I started working and now I really don't have any time to get anything done! Especially blogging - I havent gotten to play till now and I am going to be exhausted tomorrow! But on the other hand because I am working in a bookstore my OCD is fullfilled every time I work and it is just OCD heaven!! I miss the boys - am I crazy??

We are getting ready to stop doing History and we are going to focus on the Birth of Jesus Christ and all the events and whatnot that led up to the day of his birth and I am sooo excited!!!

I am hoping that some of you ladies could pass along some Advent ideas??? We have never done the official Advent celebration and we are going to try to do it this year. I have some books to look through and pick and choose some ideas but I would really love to hear from others what they have done to celebrate Advent!

I have been putting up Christmas decorations and I just love being in the spirit of Christmas! I have forgotten about Thanksgiving though - are my kids going to be tramatized if Turkey Day always takes a backseat to Christmas because their mother likes Christmas better??? I keep reading things that say they will be but I feel like if we are thankful in our prayers and lives all the time they will get the idea and be okay...I mean look at them - do they look traumatized????


    It is a book that you read every day during advent. We'd read it after dinner. It is a great adventure for boys! Lots of action and cliff-hangers! There is little reason to wonder if you will remember to do it, because they will REMIND YOU! We also have an advent calendar we got after Christmas one year where you take out parts of the nativity and hang them up each day. And we light advent candles at the dinner table. But Jotham and his friends ROCK!

  2. They do not look traumatized at all. I think you are safe. LOL
    I don't have any Advent ideas, though. I haven't done it before, either.