Friday, November 14, 2008

Another day in the life.....

Yesterday was a horrible day!! Well,the morning started out good and then the afternoon went down hill until they were all in bed - even my hubby! I think at one point I was even stamping my foot like a little baby and yelling VERY loud(I am fairly certain that fire and smoke were coming out of my eyes,ears and nose) at the same time! It was horrible and I am thankful I can contribute some of it to PMS but the rest of it is a gift from God - my lovely personality!!! I am so grateful that each day the Lord gives us another chance to wake up refreshed and start over again! Praise God for his forgiveness!!!

School.....We have strayed so far off the original course with our curric! This is only our second year so we still have a lot fo learning to do but it seems that everytime I hunt and look for what I think will work with the boys and then it doesn't so we are back to square one! I think we have finally figured it out - for now! We started with Adventures in My Fathers World (an awesome U.S history curric for 2nd-3rd or even 4th graders) and we will continue to semi follow this for the rest of the year - the boys really like what we are learning! We have veered off course majorly though - first with the vikings and now with the american revolution and indians - we will be doing unit studies of all the wars from this point on. The 2nd grader asked if we could just learn about the wars and of course I said yes - isnt this why we are HSing??? The Bible in MFW is really good too - we are learning the names of the Lord. But we are adding in some devotions and other topics on occasion.
Sailing the Nina,Pinta and Santa Maria....

Learning to fold the American flag which they then wnated put up on the wall in their bedroom!

We started out using saxon math 2 and some k math from target but we have switched to horizons math for both boys and we like that much better!

We started out with learning language arts through literature(red) for my 2nd grader but I am getting ready to purchase Explode the Code to finish his reading skills with him! He HATES to read and LLATL is just too much for him and I am not about to fight him tooth and nail - he will get it in his time and in the meantime we will step the pace back a little and just read,read, read(me to him more than him to me) and do ETC. Now - the K/1st grader LOVES to read to us! He is just breezing through ETC and wants to read Bob books to us all the time!

Science is on the back burner right now because they are just loving all the history stuff! We get different books off the shelves every once in a while and read about lots of science things but nothing more exciting than that right now!!!

Off to break up a fight about who gets to be Yoda on Lego Star Wars because YES my children are playing video games - again - while I am blogging!!!!


  1. We are planning to use "My Father's World" next year when (I said when...not if! I am determined!) we bring Grace and Alex back from public school. I've never used it before, but it looks wonderful. And Sonlight (which we WERE using) is just WAY too expensive.

  2. sounds like you have a wonderful plan! We keep stopping MFW and doing some unit studies/lap books. my kids love lap books and unit studies! I am going to try to finish up this semester by staying with the curriculum. We will see how well it goes. :-)