Friday, September 4, 2009

Makin' Bread

I made my first loaf of fresh ground whole wheat bread! I do love the taste of whole wheat and with a slab of real butter melted onto a piece of freshly baked bread......My mouth is watering......YUMMY!!! I got a new bread maker so I can make bread every day - the boys boycotted me making bread and freezing it and I don't mind throwing a loaf in the maker every day! It seems to get eaten so it is worth it!
I borrowed a friends grinder and ground some hard red and some hard white and I am excited to experiment with each of the wheats to find what we like best! So far I have made 2 loafs of bread with the same wheat but a different recipe. I don't know how to fix the recipe if we don't like it but I don't mind trying new ones till we find the one we like the best! We already did this with the pancake mix and determined that they like the hard white the best BUT mommy likes the hard red!!
It is weird for me to be this excited about cooking and bread making but I am really excited about the benefits for our family!!!

If any of you have a great breadmachine bread recipe you want to pass on I would love to have it to try!!!
It just dawned on me I should have taken a pic of my first loaf to show off!!!

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  1. Great job, Julie! I bet it was a beautiful loaf. *Ü*