Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Our lives spun out of control in a matter of minutes and I am still reeling!!!

Alex has adjusted to High School without any problems whatsoever! He is now the Freshman Class President!! He didn't even go to public school last year and he got elected President within the first 2 weeks of school!! He also tried out for a one act play and got the main part he tried out for! My son is quite the socialite!! It is going to be a BUSY year for us with his new schedule! Now we will just have to see how his grades do with all the business!!
or this is how we all are gonna feel......
Last week Alex brought home some wonderful flu/cold and it hit us all - HARD!! He had a cough and sore throat for a day or so. Then Danny got it for a couple days, Stephen had a cough for a day or so. Thomas got a runny nose and Ben had a cough for about a minute. I got it on Thursday and I STILL have it!! I cannot get rid of this runny nose and sore throat - it is miserable!!!
being sick brought everything to a halt - real quick! but it didn't stop the fact that I started back to work at the Family Christian store on Monday & Tuesday! YUK!! It is only for christmas and it will be worth it to get some debt paid off!!
the little ones enjoyed it because they got a day or 2 off of school due to mommies sickness!!
Busy, Busy, Busy

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