Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fasting from the TV & Computer

A call was put out by some friends of ours to fast and we didn't do very well with the whole food fasting idea so we decided as a Family to fast from the Tv & Computer for a week! Starting today we will no tbe watching any TV or using the computer for games or such for a week. Yes - I know I am on the computer - but I am on it to tell you that I won't be on it for a week!! I am allowed to use it to check email and some other things because I have some books for sale and other things I need to be able to respond to but no blogging!! It is going to be a LONG week for me!! I am addicted to this computer and talking to you is my release at the end of the day!!
I am excited to see how God works in us this week! We have some verses posted around about worship and we will be praying those and some others every time we want to blog or turn one of the screens on!! I am looking forward to an amazing week of some spiritual changes in our house!!!

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