Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Did I share with you that Alex is the Freshman class President at his new High School? I am proud and bragging - yes I am!!! The boy has no problem making friends and fitting in or not fitting in and making himself comfy in whatever situation he is in! I am truly amazed time after time at his ability to fit in and get along with just about everybody. There have been very few people he has ever not gotten along with in his lifetime. What amazing skills for him as he grows up and ventures into new and scary situations!

He went to his first Homecoming dance last weekend! He was NOT allowed to take a girl or dance too close to any girls but he still had a blast - big suprise! He was a dancing machine all night - so he said - and just had a really good time. He was all wired and pumped when he got home and just talked about nothing else for 2 straight days!

It is scary and exciting to watch him go through this phase of life. I did let my Fear take over a bit and probably will again but God worked it out and now it is a little better for Mom to handle all the girl stuff and growing stuff that comes along with high school and teenagers!


  1. Wow! You ought to be a proud Momma! Those interpersonal skills are bound to take this ambitious young man far! May God direct his steps and his heart in the path marked out for him.

  2. You're allowed to brag about him; that's what blogs are for, right? :) You have many good reasons to be proud of him!