Monday, May 18, 2009

What's Up....

Alex had his second weekend of Sea Cadets and got to go for the whole weekend this time instead of just saturday. He LOVES it and is so excited to be doing this and all the military training! He has got his whole next year of promotions and skills trainings planned out and we are just loving watching him be so into this! The driving 2 hours to and from one weekend a month might not work out so well for his brothers - we left at 445 saturday morning - way too early for anybody in our house(except daddy who wasnt even going for the ride - next time)!!!! It might be time to invest in the dvd players for the car!!!Hmmm!! Target has some on sale this week....

The other boys and mommy messed around with trying to get the pool set up this weekend. We didnt get it up because it has to be on level ground and the only level ground in our yard is the front and we will not be having a big blue pool in the front yard for the next 3 months!!! Tomorrow the boys and I will be getting mulch or sna dto do what w ecan to make it a little mor elevel so the whole pool doesnt tilt and spill over!!! We got this 16ft buy 3.5ft pool at walmart last year on clearance for $25 and we are going to make it last as long as possible!!!

I finally got to hang my laundry out on the clothesline(it stopped raining briefly) that my hubby and father in law built for me last year and I was so excited!! there is just something about hanging those clothes on the line and watching them blow in the wind hanging on my line that just makes me feel like a real country girl!!! Am I weird???

I am now headed over to the homeschool blog to share what I have been working on tonight to be ready for our back to school day tomorrow!!! I needed a week vacation from life to get ready to get back on track with the boys now that I am no longer working so tomorrow our time is up!!!

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  1. If your pool doesn't fit you can send it to TX, I'll pay the shipping!

    I miss you. That movie with Matthew Mc... is out. Wanna go?

    How's homeschooling going? I met a neighbor who has 3 kids, an indoor pool, and plans to homeschool next year. I hope she likes us because soon it'll be really hot here.

    I need help with paint colors and furniture organization! HELP!