Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summertime is Here......

The Pool is full - it only took about 4 days off and on - the water bill is going to suck!!! It is going to be so much fun once it warms up - the boys have been in but it is still WAY too cold for mommy and especially Daddy(it might be august before daddy actually gets in it)!!

The Ice Cream truck has started coming and that means summer around our house!!! Lucky for us he comes every Tuesday and slowly makes the turn in the cul de sac we live on becasue he knows that all of our kids will come running! They are usually already out front waiting for him because they heard him coming at least a mile away - if not further!! Another item we are going to have to add to the budget Because - I dont know about you but - I just don't have the heart to say NO to the ice cream truck!!!!

A friend or two came running as well!!!

This is the second time alex has gotten his tongue stuck to this exact same flavor popsicle!!! The first time(last year) he was crying it hurt so bad because he stupidly YANKED it off his tongue - along with about 3 layers of skin!!! This time he ran to the hot water and it came off very nicely!!! Every time, we retell the story of how Grandma got her tongue stuck to the jungle gym bar when she was a little girl and how she was stuck there and how they got it off!!!!

The boys are going camping on Friday and leaving Mommy home alone - NOW that is what summer is all about!!!!

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