Thursday, May 28, 2009

ANOTHER Owie....

Thomas broke (fractured) his wrist tonight! He was playing on the playground at Alex's school (we were there for his 8th grade graduation - more on that tomorrow) and fell off and must have landed on his wrist. The poor little guy was in so much pain - it was horrible to hear him just crying and crying. We headed to the ER - again - and he was fine after they put in an IV with pain meds!!! He even told the xray guy that it was okay and could take as long as he needed it too!!! I was in awe of how quickly they took care of the little guy - we were outof there in less than 2 hours! He has a splint(which is lamost just like a cast) on his right wrist and we will head to the ortho tomorrow to find out what will happen next!! We know for sure he will have to have a cast!

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