Wednesday, May 13, 2009

TV Guardian...

I used to work at the christian bookstore and we sold this thing called clear play which would bleep out language and some violence but I could never bring myself to pay $70 for it!! Well - i have had several customers come in and say they wished we still sold TV Guardian and that is so much betteer than this clear play - I don't know as i have never had either...until Today!!!
I just got the TV Guardian at a thrift store for $2!!! I am soooo excited and can't wait to see if it actually works!!! It is supposed to be able to determine when bad language is cominga nd it bleeps it out!!! We soooo need that inour house - the boys love things like batman, hulk, xmen but mommy hates the language so.....I will be praying over this little contraption like crazy till my hubby puts it in to make sur eit works!!! I am totally stoked at my find today!!!

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  1. We were watching a movie...The Wild...and the koala calls another animal a "twat." Um, word at our house. Can you believe such an ugly word in a kids movie? I need to get a guardian.