Sunday, May 10, 2009

I have soooo missed you guys....

I am having total blog withdrawals and now that life has calmed down a little.....I am back!!! It started out by offering to help a friend get ready for her yard sale, then I had to get ready for my own yard sale, have the yard sale, then I was working on a couple gifts and things for the house - which I will gladly post pics of below - and next thing you know weeks have gone by - my goodness!!!
These are a couple of things I did awhile back that I couldn't remember if I showed you or not they are!!! The mail thing is something I saw someone do on another blog and I loved the idea so much I had to try it - of course!!! The bench was a find at the local thrift store and I found this awesome chicken(or rooster) fabric and knew it just had to go on this little bench!!! I painted the bench with some left over paint I had and then distressed it!!
I keep seeing these banners all over on other people's blogs and I decided I wanted to make one! Some new scrapbook paper, a few embellishments and my creativity went to town!! You can't see it real well in the picture - it says Spring and looks super cute hanging on one of the many bookshelves we have in our house!!!
Do you remember those houses I posted a couple months ago and wanted ideas on what to do with them???? Well - I decopauged paper onto this one after painting the background and then decopauged this saying I saw on some artwork at work! I made it for a really good friend who abandoned us and moved to Texas!!! I really hope she finds somewhere special for it!
That same friend was throwing away this lovely bulletin board and I was able to rescue it for my own uses!!! I painted the corkboard part with LOTS of coats of chalkboard paint and the outside edge with(once again) leftover paint and then I wrote the verse from Deuteronomy 6 around the edge! I painted a little tin cup black, filled it with chalk and an eraser and hung it up next to it! Super cute and way practical for school!!!!
And last but not least - I made these for a girl at work who graduated from college this weekend! Ilove them and how they turned out! I have had the idea for awhile - I got the frames from super duper clearance at work after christmas(i have lots more too) and have had this idea but noone to do it found someone to make them for and I do like how they turned out!!!
That is why I have been offline for so long and I must say when I see all the fun stuff I got to paint I am not as sad as I was at not blogging when I started this post!!! I am now off to get started on teacher gifts - a week late!!! I will share when i finish them - I have 8 to do!!!

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