Sunday, April 26, 2009


On Thursday night I was able to get someone to cover my shift at work on Saturday and I couldn't wait for saturday to get here!!! The weather was supposed to be hot, my hubby was off and with me not having to work we could all hang out at home all day and putz around!!! For me that meant sleeping in, projects and hanging out with hubby!!!!
I almost finished painting the picnic table for the deck, almost finished spray painting a new bookshelf i got at a yard sale - these two projects will have to be completed sometime this week in my spare time. We got a queen size bed - Praise God because our old bed(King) was so horribly misshapen and my back was on fire from sleeping in it - from the same yard sale and my hubby moved some things around for me in our room to make it look a little nicer!!! Sleep was so good last night and we made it loud and clear that the new bed doesn't accomodate small children so we flew solo all night long last night!!! We will see how long that lasts but for now I will enjoy the quiet of my new, Hard bed with just me, my hubby and Shiloh!!!
Hubby and I also got to go on a date sat. night!!! We went to a free concert at JMU performed by their girls christian accapella group - they were fantastic!!!! Now - the concert was free but the groceries, the garden supplies for my dear hubby and the other non essentials that were picked up at a few stops we made along the way - were not!!! It was so nice to get to hang out with just my main squeeze for a couple hours!!! I highly recommend it!!

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