Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hospitals and Owies......

We have spent way too much time and money dealing with both things these days! I am guessing that instead of having all the extra girly type things to buy and spend extra money on we are going to be blessed with dr. bills and hospital visits!!!

Stephen had some kind of abcess on his finger that had to be drained(more than once) and that cost us close to $300 and tons of tears!!

A month later he broke or fractured his sternum - crazy I tell you! We are currently dealing with the orthopedics on this one but at least the swelling and pain has gone away! Poor guy! The bills haven't started arriving for this injury yet - can't wait!!

Ben fell on Sunday and cracked open an old scar under his chin and we spent a couple hours in the ER getting 4 stitches! This was very exciting thanks to Ben's extremely out of control habit of crying hysterically!!! Praise God for fabulous friends so I didnt have to drag the other 2 little ones with us!!! All is well now and we will get the stitche sout in 7 days! I am on pins and needles waiting for the bill for this visit!!! Because you know I am going to get a bill from the dr.,the nurse, the hospital, the anesthesioligist, the receptionist, the security guard and his entire team that were on duty that whole night, the linen company for the sheet thathe got blood on......okay okay I know I am exaggerating just a little but it is a bit ridiculous at the bills that come after every hospital ER visit!!!

just in case you wanted a close-up view of the stitches(ben did)!!

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  1. Poor little guy. Scars are fun once they're a distant memory....then they're just great stories.

    Praying for abundant provision for med bills and also for lots of guardian angels. :-)